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Welcome to Kiran Pest Control Our Services

We Krian Pest Control Services are pleased to introduce ourselves as the professional pest control management of Mumbai. We established this Pest Control Services firm in Mumbai with perspective of Human health & hygiene. We have team of experienced, competent & professional staff to manage your pests & pests related problems. We offer Pest Control management services to Residences, Societies, Corporate Offices, Commercial shops, Godowns, Factories, Hotels, Malls etc. in Mumbai. We provide convenient, odorless, hassle free services using new generation pest control management services.

We thank you for Pest Control Services, we have been in the field of property management for over 5 years now, since 2010. Delivering complated customer satisfaction. Our Pest Control Services is at par with international standards. We are please to offer our best price for the following services.

The treatment takes care of cockroaches, spiders, ants, rodents & other common insects, treatment include 4 services at 3 months interval, insecticides are sprayed in all manholes, drains, stairways corridors, commom toilets, garages and other common areas. Rodent baits are places at strategic locations.

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