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General Pest Control >>
German Cockroaches

They are small in size mostly found in kitchens, cracks, crevices & Hinches.

American Cockroaches

They are large in size mostly found in Gutters, Manholes etc...

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Rarely found in home, mostly found near areas with moisture. It looks like German Cockroaches.

Silverfish & Firebrats

They are found near places with moisture & eat starch from household articles like books.


Red, Black & Crazy ants are generally found in homes. They cause painfull bites, also split the food & drink.

Bed Bug Control >>
Bed Bugs

They are generally found near bed & bedding material. They cause painful bites, skin rashes, allergy development in people irritatuion & sleepless night, they feed on human blood. It is a major pest in recent decade.

Bed Bug Control

Our services includes low odour spray for bed, bedding material and furniture.

Rodent Control Services >>
Rats are commonly found in surrounding areas where they damage wires, clothes, food materials. They cause disease like Plague, Leptopyresis & Marine Typhus.

Termite Control >>
Termites causing billions of rupees damages to Indian homes nowadays as ever before. There is no better defense against termites than a customized home/commercial treatment plan from Kiran Pest Control. Kiran Pest Control uses most advanced Bayer's technology to ensure quick, lasting results. Yet all our materials are safe for your family, your pets, and your home.

Rat Guard >>
Applying Rat Guard on drainage pipes to restrict climbing of rat on pipes.
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